Co-Founder and Managing Partner

David (Viacheslav) Davidenko is a full-time accredited investor from Austin. He is a respected, profit-driven entrepreneur and general management professional with a stellar career history of achievements investing in highly successful businesses. David is a Founder and CEO of the Hi-Tech company, the silver prize winner of Forbes magazine`s “The School of a Young Billionare” competition. He has invested all-time as a GP and LP in more than 30 multifamily properties, around 7,000 units altogether. David is a managing partner and co-founder of Leander Springs, a mixed-use new development project with retail, restaurants, entertainment, office and residental components with a four acre lagoon in the middle, that upon completion should be worth more than $1 billion.


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Joe Fairless

Great team, dynamic duo combining knowledge, hard work and integrity.

I have known David for several years and from my personal interactions, I believe him to be a competent, proactive, diligent and experienced multifamily investor and a fellow syndicator. I have known Julia for several years as well as she was part of my coaching program. She has always been very passionate about our business and her strong institutional finance background and analytic mindset definitely set her apart from her multifamily peers. I believe David and Julia make a great team and would highly recommend them as the dynamic duo combining knowledge, hard work and integrity.

Ashcroft Capital
Rod Khleif

Very deep understanding on the business and the industry.

I met David several years ago when he joined my Mastermind; I know David to be very well-respected by his peers for his intellectual curiosity, inquisitive nature, very deep understanding on the business and the industry, excellent business intuition, professionalism and strong work ethics.

Rod Khleif Multifamily Mastery
Dan Kaderka

Methodical and passionate business leader.

David is a methodical and passionate business leader with a keen focus on expanding his community through benefiting those around him. I have personally known David for over 3 years, and it’s always a pleasure dealing with professionals in their industry. He has created many successful business ventures in Real Estate, IT, and Wealth Management. With over 4,000+ units of experience, watching David grow into an influential business leader has been a delight. I applaud your honesty, transparency, attention to detail, and work ethic.

Commercial Insurance Agent