Merrill Kaliser

Great partners.

I have had the pleasure of knowing David as a friend, client and business partner for years. His business acumen and attention to detail is an absolute pleasure and must to have in a partner. David’s desire to always want to learn and understand, is accretive to all of his business ventures. I believe he and Julia will be great partners in their future endeavors.

Kaliser & Associates PC
Joe Fairless

Great team, dynamic duo combining knowledge, hard work and integrity.

I have known David for several years and from my personal interactions, I believe him to be a competent, proactive, diligent and experienced multifamily investor and a fellow syndicator. I have known Julia for several years as well as she was part of my coaching program. She has always been very passionate about our business and her strong institutional finance background and analytic mindset definitely set her apart from her multifamily peers. I believe David and Julia make a great team and would highly recommend them as the dynamic duo combining knowledge, hard work and integrity.

Ashcroft Capital
Rod Khleif

Very deep understanding on the business and the industry.

I met David several years ago when he joined my Mastermind; I know David to be very well-respected by his peers for his intellectual curiosity, inquisitive nature, very deep understanding on the business and the industry, excellent business intuition, professionalism and strong work ethics.

Rod Khleif Multifamily Mastery
Jorge Abreu

Transparent, very analytical with attention to detail.

I’ve known David for several years now and I have a ton of respect for his honesty and work ethic. I’ve done renovation work at his properties with my construction company and he is an amazing client to work with. After seeing first hand how knowledgeable he is about Multifamily and executing business plans I decided to invest passively in one of his offerings. The property has performed above projections and the reporting is transparent, very analytical and reflects David’s attention to detail. I highly recommend investing with David and you will not be disappointed!

CEO, JNT Construction
Dan Kaderka

Methodical and passionate business leader.

David is a methodical and passionate business leader with a keen focus on expanding his community through benefiting those around him. I have personally known David for over 3 years, and it’s always a pleasure dealing with professionals in their industry. He has created many successful business ventures in Real Estate, IT, and Wealth Management. With over 4,000+ units of experience, watching David grow into an influential business leader has been a delight. I applaud your honesty, transparency, attention to detail, and work ethic.

Commercial Insurance Agent
Anton Mattli

A hands-on deal sponsor/asset manager.

We have helped David Davidenko and his team with the financing of their first multifamily investment as well as multiple other transactions since then. David’s attention to detail is second to none and he leaves no stone unturned until he finds a solution to a challenge and to improve a property’s performance. Truly a hands-on deal sponsor/asset manager.

Co-Founder & CEO, Peak Financing
Jon Hyduke

Extremely knowledgeable, analytical and resourceful.

Working with Sunrise Capital is such a pleasant experience. The team at Sunrise is extremely knowledgeable, analytical, and resourceful. It is clear they do extensive research on the front end, which makes our job much easier. They showed preparedness at every step during the process. We look forward to working with them again real soon.

Senior Director | Real Estate Finance
Venkat Avasarala

Very transparent and diligent.

I have known David since 2016 and I have personally invested with him and I find him very transparent and diligent and it has been very easy to work with him.

Co-Founder & Managing Principal


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