Experience the magnetic pull of Texas as Californians flock to the Lone Star State in search of a new beginning. Uncover the financial advantages, vibrant job market, and spacious homes that await you. Join the wave of change and embark on an emotional journey to Texas, where dreams transform into reality and a brighter future awaits.


The tide is turning, and the allure of Texas is captivating the hearts of Americans far and wide. The migration from California to the Lone Star State is gaining unstoppable momentum, becoming the top choice for countless individuals seeking a new beginning. In 2021, it emerged as the most sought-after interstate relocation choice in the United States, with an astonishing 111,000 people making the move from the Golden State to the Lone Star State. This surge represents an astounding 80% increase compared to 2012, as revealed by an in-depth analysis of U.S. Census and IPUMS data conducted by StorageCafé. By carefully analyzing market trends and economic conditions, as early as 2021, David Davidenko, the founder of Sunrise Capital Group, foresaw the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike and proactively sold a large portion of his properties. This strategic move allowed him to generate substantial dividends for his limited partners


The Shift Towards Affordability


As remote work became more prevalent during the pandemic, the trend of individuals gravitating towards more affordable areas gained traction. According to the American Community Survey, between 2016 and 2021, the number of Californians moving to Texas skyrocketed by 36%. While other states saw minimal migration, Texas stood strong, offering a chance at a better life and brighter future. Imagine breaking free from financial burdens and embracing new possibilities. Join the wave of change, fueled by emotion, as you embark on a journey to Texas, where dreams come alive.


Professor Rogelio Saenz from the University of Texas at San Antonio elucidates that the exorbitant housing prices and high cost of living in California stand as one of the primary catalysts for this migration trend. To evaluate the challenges associated with home purchases in both states, experts often rely on the ratio between median household income and median home value. Based on the 2021 American Community  the median home value in California equated to $7.63 for every $1 of household income, in stark contrast to Texas where it was $3.55 per $1. Moreover, the median home value in California stood at a striking 2.7 times higher than that in Texas.


Lower Housing Costs and Favorable Factors in Texas


Texas, a land of opportunity and savings! Imagine a place where housing costs are lower, and your hard-earned money stretches further. That place is Texas, a state that beckons Californians with its enticing factors. Just picture it: no more income tax eating away at your paycheck, allowing you to keep more of what you earn. The cost of living in Texas is a breath of fresh air compared to the exorbitant expenses in California. It’s a chance to boost your financial well-being and breathe easier.


But it doesn’t stop there. Texas is a hub of innovation and growth, especially in the tech and energy sectors. With its thriving job market, you’ll find a wealth of employment opportunities waiting for you. It’s a place where dreams can come true and careers can flourish.


And let’s not forget about the utilities. In Texas, they’re approximately 20% cheaper than in California. Just imagine the relief of lower bills, giving you more room in your budget to enjoy the things that truly matter. But it’s not just individuals who benefit from Texas’s allure. The Lone Star State has actively cultivated a business-friendly environment, attracting companies from far and wide. With its strategic economic initiatives, Texas has become a haven for businesses, both big and small. Over 100 companies have already relocated their headquarters to Texas since 2020, and guess what? Forty percent of them came all the way from California.


So, if you’re looking for a fresh start, a place where opportunity, savings, and success intertwine, Texas is calling your name. Embrace the allure of lower housing costs, favorable factors, and a bright future that awaits you in the Lone Star State.



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Millennial Migration: Seizing Opportunities and Empowering Finances


The phenomenon of Californians flocking to Texas extends beyond general demographics, with millennials emerging as a prominent force behind this notable migration trend. With 46% of the population relocating from California to Texas, millennials are actively seeking the remarkable opportunities and financial advantages that the Lone Star State has to offer. 


Millennials, often characterized as the tech-savvy and forward-thinking generation, have found Texas to be an enticing destination for various reasons. One of the key factors driving their migration is the pursuit of improved financial prospects. With an average household income of $114,000 per year, millennials moving to Texas surpass the national average for their generation by a significant 21%, which stands at $94,000 per year. This disparity highlights the favorable employment landscape and higher earning potential that awaits them in the Lone Star State.


Tech Opportunities and Entrepreneurial Spirit


Texas has also emerged as a hotbed for technological and entrepreneurial opportunities, attracting millennials seeking to make their mark in the digital realm. The state’s thriving tech sector, coupled with the robust energy industry, presents a fertile ground for career growth and innovation. Millennials are drawn to the abundance of job opportunities and the chance to work in dynamic, forward-looking companies that call Texas home.


Moreover, millennials are not only benefiting from individual financial gains but also contributing to the economic landscape of Texas. The influx of young, educated, and tech-savvy professionals has spurred economic growth and innovation, making Texas an attractive destination for businesses seeking a vibrant and talented workforce. The state’s business-friendly environment, coupled with the strategic efforts to attract companies, has resulted in an influx of over 100 businesses relocating their headquarters to Texas since 2020, with 40% of them originating from California. This mutually beneficial relationship between millennials and Texas cultivates a flourishing ecosystem that continues to drive the state’s prosperity.


The Million-Dollar Difference


By choosing Texas over California, homebuyers can save an average of approximately $282,000, reflecting a remarkable 70% price differential. Notably, there are two prominent relocation routes that offer the potential for savings exceeding $1 million. Opting to purchase a home in the Dallas area instead of San Jose can result in savings of over $1 million on average, as the home price disparity between Santa Clara and Dallas counties stands at a staggering 258%. Similarly, the second most significant price difference is observed between San Mateo and Travis counties, reaching 243% and allowing homebuyers to potentially save nearly $1.3 million on average. To understand more about the role of location in multi-family real estate investments, you can read our article: The Role of Location in Multi-Family Real Estate Investments.


Substantial Rent Savings


For renters, a move to Texas from California presents considerable savings. Across 18 different relocation routes, renters can save over $1,000 per month in Texas compared to their original Californian county. Moreover, switching from renting in one state to the other proves highly advantageous, with the exception of the Los Angeles County to Collin County route, where renters pay over 50% more in California. To understand more about multifamily syndications and their potential benefits for renters, you can read our article: Explaining Multifamily Syndications: Loan Guarantors and Key Principals Unraveled.


For instance, individuals moving from Los Angeles to El Paso can save an impressive $1,578 per month. Similarly, those relocating from the San Diego area to San Antonio can enjoy a 110% disparity in rental rates, resulting in savings of approximately $1,470 per month.


Everything’s Bigger in Texas

On average, homeowners in Texas benefit from homes that are 17% larger than those in California, while apartments offer approximately 6% more space. For individuals prioritizing ample living space, a move from Los Angeles County to Collin County proves to be particularly rewarding, offering the most significant gains in both home size (1,055 sq. ft.) and apartment size (124 sq. ft.). Additional routes leading to Collin County, such as Santa Clara County to Collin and Orange County to Collin, provide Californians with an additional 1,000 square feet of living space on average, representing a 57% increase compared to their state of origin. Opting for Denton County instead of Los Angeles County also grants newcomers from California an additional 930+ square feet of living space at home.




The ongoing exodus of Californians to Texas is a transformative journey of financial liberation and boundless opportunities. Texas offers lower housing costs, a lower cost of living, no income tax, increased employment prospects, and the allure of spacious homes and apartments. As this migration trend continues, Texas is poised to witness a significant influx of Californians, creating a future brimming with promise and fulfillment. Join the wave of emotions and embark on a life-changing adventure to the Lone Star State, where dreams become realities and new horizons await.

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