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July 10, 2024

Tech Billionaires Plan to Build a Controversial New Utopian City in California

In the sun-baked fields of Solano County, California, a group of tech titans are plotting to build their own version of utopia. It’s a tale as old as time, but with a distinctly 21st-century twist: billionaires wielding algorithms and venture capital in an attempt to solve one of America’s most pressing issues – the housing crisis.



The Silicon Valley Dream



Enter California Forever, a project so ambitious it sounds like science fiction. Yet it’s very real, backed by some of Silicon Valley’s most recognizable names. LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Sequoia Capital’s Michael Moritz are just two of the heavy hitters throwing their considerable weight behind this audacious plan.


At the helm of this urban odyssey is Jan Sramek, a Czech entrepreneur with a vision as vast as the 60,000 acres his company has quietly amassed since 2018. Sramek’s dream? To transform this barren stretch of California into a thriving metropolis, complete with affordable housing, verdant parks, bustling restaurants, and even a solar farm to power it all.



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The $900 Million Land Grab


Here’s what a proposed California Forever lagoon would look like


But as with any tale of would-be world-changers, there’s more than meets the eye. The story began with whispers of a mysterious buyer snapping up land in East Solano County at prices that made locals’ eyes water. That buyer, we now know, was Flannery Associates LLC – the predecessor to California Forever.


Fast forward to today, and the project has ballooned into a $900 million land grab that’s sending shockwaves through the community. To some, it’s a beacon of hope in a state where the median home price in the Bay Area can make even the most stoic banker break out in a cold sweat. To others, it’s a Silicon Valley pipe dream that threatens to upend their way of life.


“They say they’re solving the housing crisis,” says Sarah Thompson, a member of the Solano Together Coalition, her voice tinged with skepticism. “But at what cost to our community?”


It’s a sentiment echoed by many locals, who view California Forever with a mixture of fear and suspicion. And they’re not alone. The project has already waded into murky legal waters, with Flannery Associates filing a lawsuit alleging price inflation by local landowners.



The Silicon Valley Approach


Project’s investors. Image credit: The Hustle


But for the project’s backers, the potential rewards far outweigh the risks. Michael Moritz, in a letter that reads like a venture capitalist’s fever dream, speaks of tenfold returns if the land can be rezoned. It’s a tantalizing prospect for investors, but one that does little to assuage local concerns.


The road ahead is fraught with challenges. Rezoning 60,000 acres of agricultural land is no small feat, requiring the approval of Solano County voters. It’s a hurdle that would make most developers balk, but for Sramek and his band of billionaire backers, it’s just another problem to be disrupted.


In many ways, California Forever embodies the Silicon Valley ethos: identify a problem, throw money and technology at it, and hope for the best. It’s an approach that’s changed the world in countless ways, but can it solve something as complex and deeply rooted as the housing crisis?



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A Battle for California’s Future


As the debate rages on, one thing is clear: the battle for California Forever is about more than just land and houses. It’s a clash of ideologies, a test of whether the tech world’s utopian visions can translate into real-world solutions.


“When I hear ‘guarantee,’ I don’t know how they’re going to guarantee anything.” – Daryl Halls, executive director, Solano Transportation Authority


In the comments section of a local news site, the divide is palpable. “It’s crazy that people think more homes are bad when no one can afford homes,” writes one user, encapsulating the frustration felt by many priced out of the market.


Another commenter, their words heavy with the weight of financial struggle, laments: “Without a doubt, this year will be worse than the last. I lost a lot of money last year as a result of bad investment choices… I’m not sure how long I can keep going like this.”


And then there’s the succinct, if somewhat cynical, conclusion offered by one reader: “How about not billionaires anymore.”


As California Forever inches closer to reality, these voices – of hope, despair, and defiance – will only grow louder. The question remains: in the quest to build a better future, who gets left behind? And in the end, will this city of dreams be a shining example of innovation, or just another cautionary tale in the long history of utopian experiments?


Only time will tell. But one thing’s for certain: in the sun-baked fields of Solano County, a battle for the soul of California is just beginning.


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