Sunrise Capital, as our readers will know, is actively pursuing acquisitions in Houston. Why do we love Houston? Multiple reasons – the mains ones are outlined below:

  • With over 7.2 million people, Houston is the fifth largest metro in the country (after NYC, LA, Chicago and Dallas) and ranks second in population growth and net migration when comparing 2020 to 2010 (22.19% population growth)
  • Strong Job Growth – prior to the pandemic, Houston consistently ranked among the top metros for job growth in the country. Houston is still expected to remain in top 10 in terms of future employment growth
  • Houston is home to 21 Fortune 500 companies, ranking it as one of the leading MSAs in the country for Fortune 500 headquarters
  • Diversified economy – Houston is no longer solely driven by oil and gas industry. It has diversified in other areas, especially commercial life sciences (it’s home to the world’s largest medical center) and tech
  • Single family home prices are rising faster than incomes, making purchases less affordable and causing multifamily households to stay in apartments longer
  • Apartment rents in Houston area rise at the fastest pace in years – demand is returning to the market as people started to return to the city and the supply of new apartments has been the lowest in years
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